The Aromatherapy Trade Council or ATC was founded in 1993 by a majority of the established essential oil traders in the UK. The ATC's mission is to promote responsible marketing and consumer safety within the trade. The role of the ATC may be seen as directed towards two areas. On the one hand by issuing guidelines for the advertising, labelling, safety and packaging of essential oils, it works to protect the public from unscrupulous traders. And on the other, by working with government agencies (such as the Medicines Control Agency), it helps to ensure that when legislation concerning the availability of essential oils is being considered, the government understands the concerns of the aromatherapy trade and its customers. Not all essential oil traders are members of the ATC, but all companies that sell essential oils have benefited from its work. 

The ATC works to ensure that all aromatherapy products provide guidelines as to how they should be used, with dilutions if necessary. One aspect of this is checking the claims that are sometimes made for aromatherapy products. According to the Medicines Act no medicinal or therapeutic claims can be made for products that have not been licensed. The ATC ensures that none of its members make any such claims. The ATC has also drawn up a list of warnings and information that must be put on all consumer product labels. It also insists that all essential oils on sale to the general public must be in a bottle with an integral single drop dispenser. These dispensers provide a built-in safety device, preventing the contents being swallowed quickly by a young child.

Bay House Aromatics has been a member of the ATC since 1993. To go to the ATC Web Site click here []


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