About Us

At Bay House Aromatic Aromatics we have an unrivaled knowledge and experience in the Essential Oil Industry, spanning some 40 years, which we have used to bring high quality Natural products and Ingredients from around the world directly to you.

In doing so, we are reducing the distance from Grower / Producer to you the consumer. We provide a comprehensive range of Essential Oils, Vegetable Oils, Waxes, Butters, Organically Certified ingredients, Cosmetic Ingredients, Floral Absolutes, and Natural Health & Beauty products.

We also offer a number of SLS and Paraben Free Lotions, Creams & Shampoo Bases. These are complimented by our in-house range of Luxury Blended Creams and Oils, and a select range of accessories vital to the Professional Therapist, and home user. Even though we buy most of our products directly from the Distiller, we still have every drum GC/MS tested by an Independent Chemist, to ensure we are supplying a pure and Original Essential Oil. Please browse our ever expanding product range.