How quickly can my order be delivered?


Once we’ve received your order, please allow one to three days for shipment. If you listed your email address and Mobile phone number you will receive both email and text alerts (UK, USA and Europe Only) when goods are shipped and on day of delivery. Please be sure to list both on your order form.

Can I choose the delivery day and time?

We send ingredients out for delivery five days a week – Monday to Friday. All packages must be signed for at the delivery address. Providing you have listed your Mobile phone number, you can respond to the delivery notification to reschedule should you wish to. This service is available in the UK only at time of posting.

How much does delivery cost?

In the UK we charge a flat rate £ 4-99 for any parcel to a maximum 25 kilos gross weight, and 450 x 300 x 300ml in size. For Europe we have listed the unit breakdown to most countries based on a parcel between 2 kilos and 25 kilos gross weight. Other countries automatically have the carriage cost calculated online based on weight and volume of your  order.


Which areas do you deliver to?

We ship worldwide to 59 different countries presently. If your country is not listed on the shipping schedule, please email us in the first instance, using the ‘Contact Us’ page with a screenshot of your potential order, and we will calculate a delivery cost for you.


What’s the easiest way to contact you if I have another question?

Our friendly and knowledgeable family-run team always welcome your questions and comments about our ingredients. However, it may not always be possible to respond in detail during working hours due to our workload, so please email sales@Bay-House.co.uk with any questions or queries and we will try to respond as quickly as we can.

Do you test your products on Animals?

It has always been our policy never to source ingredients that are tested on animals or buy from companies who test product on animals.


Can Essential Oils be used in Pregnancy?

Some Essential oils are definitely not recommended during pregnancy. However, some Oils may be used under the supervision of a professionally qualified Aromatherapist or Healthcare professional. One place to look is at http://www.ifaroma.org/us/find-an-aromatherapist/

Never use Essential Oil on Children or during pregnancy without the express guidance of a Professional Healthcare professional.

Never use Essential Oils on animals without the express guidance of a  veterinary physician